Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM)


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The IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM) supports a talented international team of highly collaborative researchers that design, synthesize and study new forms of carbon and related materials, many of which are expected to have exceptional physical and electronic properties. The center is located in a new building at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), nestled in a beautiful area near the port cities of Ulsan and Busan. Ulsan is famous for its shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, and petrochemical and chemical industries, and thus an ideal location to interface science with industry. Members and visitors of the CMCM will enjoy an intellectually stimulating environment that fosters dynamic exchange within the center and abroad through its extensive, international network of research institutions and programs.

Major research field

Synthesis and properties of carbon and related materials

Desired field of research

Synthesis and properties of carbon and related materials

Research Keywords and Topics

- Synthesis and properties of new carbon, and related, materials
- Composite materials and novel carbon fibers
- Chemical reaction mechanisms
- Kinetics and Thermodynamics of chemical reactions
- Physical and chemical properties of new materials
- Synthesize and study new forms of carbon and related materials
- Reaction pathways, kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions
- Physical and chemical properties of new carbon and related materials
- Next generation carbons, Negative curvature (‘Schwartzites’) carbons
- Ultrathin sp3-bonded carbon sheets, sp3/sp2 hybrid carbon materials
- Model compounds for novel carbon materials

Research Publications

(1) Nature Nanotechnology, Chemically Induced Transformation of Chemical Vapour Deposition Grown Bilayer Graphene into Fluorinated Single-Layer Diamond, PavelBakharev, MingHuang, ManavSaxena, SukWooLee, SeHunJoo, SungOPark, JichenDong, DulceCamacho, SunghwanJin, YoungwooKwon, MandakiniBiswal, FengDing, SangKyuKwak, ZonghoonLee, Rodney Ruoff (2020)
(2) Science, Colossal grain growth yields single crystal metal foils by contact-free annealing, SunghwanJin, MingHuang, YoungwooKwon, LeiningZhang, BaoWenLi, SangjunOh, JichenDong, DaLuo, MandakiniBiswal, BenCunning, PavelBakharev, InyongMoon, WonJongYoo, DulceCamacho, YongJinKim, SunHwaLee, BinWang, WonKyungSeong, ManavSaxena, FengDing, HyungJoonShin, Rodney Ruoff (2018)
(3) Science, Large-area synthesis of high-quality and uniform graphene films on copper foils, XuesongLi, WeiweiCai, JinhoAn, SeyoungKim, JunghyoNah, DongxingYang, RichardPiner, ArunaVelamakanni, InhwaJung, EmanuelTutuc, SanjayBanerjee, LuigiColombo, Rodney Ruoff (2009)


Selected (1) Single crystalline metal Foil and manufacturing method therefor, Rodney S. Ruoff, Sunghwan Jin (2019/08/08)
Selected (2) Graphene synthesis by chemical vapor deposition, Luigi Colombo, Xuesong Li, Rodney S. Ruoff (2013/06/25)


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