Perception, Action, & Learning Lab

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The natural ability to acquire relevant sensory information from the environment is critical in everyday life. In Perception, Action, & Learning Lab, we study the fundamental principles that govern the process of human perception and action and apply that knowledge to improve the quality of life. Our current research focuses on revealing the perceptual and cognitive characteristics of elderly people.

Major research field

Visual perception, Motion perception, Aging vision, Statistical learning, Bayesian inference, Perceptual learning, Computational Modeling

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

· Computational models of perception and action
· Perception and cognition of elderly people. Perceptual and cognitive training.
· Statistical learning and transfer
· Sensory cue integration

Research Publications

· Moon, J., Choe, S., Lee, S., & Kwon, O.-S. (2019). Temporal Dynamics of Visual Attention Allocation. Scientific Reports, 9(1), 3664.
· Kwon, O.-S., Tadin, D., & Knill, D.C. (2015) A unifying account of visual motion and position perception. PNAS.
· Kwon, O.-S., & Knill, D.C. (2013) The brain uses adaptive internal models of scene statistics for sensorimotor estimation and planning. PNAS, 110(11), e1064-73.


· 지각적 학습에 기반한 시각 훈련 방법 및 시각 훈련 장치, 권오상 Suraiya Jahan Liza, 등록일 2020.03.19


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