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The major themes of the accounting lab are
• What is the role of accounting information in the capital market (e.g., forecasting, valuation)?
• What determines corporate governance and incentive mechanisms, and what do they influence managers’ decision-making and behavior?

In the future, we will also investigate the effects of accounting on enterprises' innovation, corporate social responsibility, and operating and investing efficiency. In addition, we are interested in cross-country differences in accounting standards, taxation, corporate culture, capital markets, and financial market regulations.

Major research field

The role of accounting information in the capital market, Corporate governance, Incentives, Financial market regulations

Desired field of research

The role of accounting information in the capital market, Corporate governance, Incentives, Financial market regulations

Research Keywords and Topics

Professor Joo conducted research on accounting-based valuation, earnings management, executive compensation contracts, insider trading, information disclosure, and corporate governance. He served as a reviewer for Contemporary Accounting Research, Accounting and Business Research, Applied Economics, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, and Korean Management Review. He taught principles of financial accounting, intermediate accounting, financial statement analysis and valuation, and principles of management.

Research Publications

“The effects of governance on classification shifting and compensation shielding,” with Sandra Chamberlain, Contemporary Accounting Research 34(4), 1779-1811.
"CEO turnover, leadership vacuum, and stock market reactions," with Jihun Bae, Applied Economics, 53(58), 6752-6769.
“Differential performance impacts of outsider versus insider interim CEO succession,” with Jihun Bae and Chul W. Park, Asia Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 29(6), 1439-1468.
“The effect of industry business cycles on the information in pro-Forma earnings: evidence from U.S. REITs,” with Joy Begley and Sandra Chamberlain, Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, Forthcoming.
“CEO succession planning and market reactions to CEO turnover announcements,” with Jihun Bae and Jaeyoon Yu, Finance Research Letters, Forthcoming.



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