Interactions Lab

인터랙션 연구실

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인터랙션 연구실

The Interactions Lab at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology focuses on the design, development and evaluation of physical, tangible and social interactive computing systems. Bringing together design perspectives, computer science skills and psychological methods, the Interactions lab conceives, creates and studies next generation human-computer interfaces.

인터랙션 연구실에선 물리적, 촉각적, 소셜 인터랙션 컴퓨터 시스템의 설계, 개발 및 평가에 대해 주력으로 연구한다. 디자인적 관점, 컴퓨터 과학적 기술 및 심리학적 방법을 동시에 사용하여 인터랙션 연구실은 차세대 사람 - 컴퓨터 인터페이스 착안 후 실체화 및 그에 대한 연구를 한다.


Human Computer Interaction


Wearable Interaction, Tangible Interaction

Research Keywords and Topics

Interaction Design, Tangible Computing, Social Computing, Multi-modal Interfaces
인터랙션 디자인, 촉각적 사용자 인터랙션, 소셜 컴퓨팅, 다중모달 인터페이스

Research Publications

Jiwan Kim and Ian Oakley. 2022. "SonarID: Using Sonar to Identify Fingers on a Smartwatch." In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '22), April 29-May 5, 2022, New Orleans, LA, USA. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 10 pages.

DoYoung Lee, SooHwan Lee, and Ian Oakley. 2020. Nailz: Sensing Hand Input with Touch Sensitive Nails. In Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 1–13. DOI:

E. Cheon, Y. Shin, J. H. Huh, H. Kim and I. Oakley, "Gesture Authentication for Smartphones: Evaluation of Gesture Password Selection Policies," 2020 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP), San Francisco, CA, USA, 2020, pp. 249-267, doi: 10.1109/SP40000.2020.00034.


Oakley, I., Gil, H.J. & Lee, D.Y. Identifying Finger Touches on Smartwatches, 10-1861325, 2018.05.18 (ISSUED), Korean Patent Office.

Sung Jae Hwang, Andrea Bianchi, Ian Oakley, Kwang Yun Wohn, Myung Wook Ahn. System, method for controlling user terminal using magnetic field, user terminal comprising the same, US9851815B2, 2017.12.26 (ISSUED), United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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