Smart Materials and Intelligent Structures Laboratory

건설 신소재 지능 구조 연구실

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건설 신소재 지능 구조 연구실

저희 건설 신소재 지능 구조 연구실에서는 사회기반시설물의 건전성 및 안전성과 더불어 친환경성, 지속가능성 확보를 위한 차세대 스마트 구조 기술에 관한 연구를 수행하고 있습니다. 이를 위한 중점 추진 연구 분야로 응력 시각화 고분자 센서 개발, 비선형 초음파를 활용한 구조물의 초기 손상 진단, 인공지능을 활용한 건설 재료의 생애 주기 예측, 음화학 등이 있으며, 건설분야에서 재료, 화학, 바이오 분야까지 아우르는 다학제간 연구를 추구합니다.
The mission of the Smart Materials and Intelligent Structures (SMIS) Laboratory is to design adaptive structural components/systems for next-generation urban infrastructure, which possess unprecedented properties and functionalities. Our research in the SMIS Lab is thus directed towards advancing multi-disciplinary knowledge at the crossroads between ultrasonics, dynamics/mechanics, chemistry, and bioengineering, with the particular goal of developing a new sensing material that can seamlessly interact with structures and environments. At the intersections of these fields, we develop a unique set of ultrasonic tools capable of not only quantifying the current state of damage evolution in solid materials, but also stimulating molecules, and biological cells in soft materials.

Major research field

초음파, 초음파 이미징, 음화학, 의료초음파, 동물실험, 비파괴평가

Desired field of research

바이오초음파, 메카노케미스트리, 중개연구 / Bioacoustics, Mechanochemistry, Translational Research

Research Keywords and Topics

스마트 센서 및 재료
Smart Sensors and Materials
AI를 이용한 구조물 건전성 평가 및 관리
AI-based Structural Health Management
초음파 및 음향학
Ultrasound and Acoustics
건설 신소재 개발
Multifunctional Polymers

Research Publications

1. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY / Noninvasive and spatiotemporal control of DNAzyme-based imaging of metal ions in vivo using high-intensity focused ultrasound / Wang and Kim et al., 144 (13), 5812-19, 2022-03.
2. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Ultrasound controlled mechanophore activation in hydrogels for cancer therapy / Kim et al., 119 (4), e2109791119, 2022-01.
3. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / High-intensity focused ultrasound-induced mechanochemical transduction in synthetic elastomers / Kim, et al., 116 (21), 10214-10222, 2019-05.


U. S. Patent, Sonodynamic therapy for cancer (Invention disclosure, April 2019).


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