Fusion and Plasma application research Laboratory (FPL)

핵융합 및 플라즈마 응용 연구실

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Fusion and Plasma Application Research Laboratory(FPL) aims at resolving various problems for successful nuclear fusion experiments and commercialization through research on multi-scale interaction of plasma behavior. The research includes Eulerian & Lagrangian code development based on Gyrokinetics and MHD (magneto-hydro dynamics), extension and improvement on theories and numerical methods for simulation of long time plasma behavior, code verification & validation, and parallel programming and code optimization to utilize the latest architectures being used in supercomputers. These research subjects allow us to carry out more realistic simulation of plasma behavior in nuclear fusion reactors considering impurities and consequently to clarify and exploit underlying physics of experimental results.


Plasma simulation, Plasma transport physics, High performance computing, Automatic mesh generation, Machine Learning


Applications of Plasma simulations

Research Keywords and Topics

핵융합 플라즈마 난류 이론 및 전산모사
빠르고 정밀한 수치해석법 개발
(GPU, CPU) Threading 및 Vectorization을 활용한 코드 최적화
실제 장치 구조의 병렬 컴퓨팅을 위한 비정렬 격자 생성 및 활용

Research Publications

1. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS / Effects of plasma turbulence on the nonlinear evolution of magnetic island in Tokamak, Minjun J. Choi; Lāszlo Bardōczi; Jae-Min Kwon; T. S. Hahm; Hyeon K. Park; Jayhyun Kim; Minho Woo; Byoung-Ho Park; Gunsu S. Yun; Eisung Yoon; George McKee / 2021-01
2. PHYSICS OF PLASMAS / Gyrokinetic simulation study of magnetic island effects on neoclassical physics and micro-instabilities in a realistic KSTAR plasma / Kwon, Jae-Min; Ku, S; Choi, MJ; Chang, CS; Hager, R; Yoon, Eisung; Lee, HH; Kim, HS / 2018-05
3. PHYSICS OF PLASMAS / A Fokker-Planck-Landau collision equation solver on two-dimensional velocity grid and its application to particle-in-cell simulation / Yoon, E. S.; Chang, C. S. / 2014-03
4. NUCLEAR FUSION / Transport of parallel momentum by toroidal ion temperature gradient instability near marginality / Yoon, E. S.; Hahm, T. S. / 2010-06


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