Digital/Big Data Marketing

디지털/빅데이터 마케팅

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디지털/빅데이터 마케팅

With the rise of social media, consumers are increasingly interacting with their peer consumers in virtual environments. As this online consumer collective environment becomes more important in terms of customer relationship management, marketing strategy, and marketing communication, marketers are struggling with the question of how, where, and whether they should attempt to participate in this online C2C environment to interact with the consumer collectives. Using the advanced analytical techniques including text analytics, web analytics, and more, Dr. Kim’s lab suggests the answers for the above questions.


Digital Marketing, Omni-channel Retail Marketing, Social Influence, Big Data Marketing, Marketing Analytics


AI Marketing, Automated Marketing, SNS/Metaverse Marketing Strategy

Research Keywords and Topics

- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Social Media Marketing
- Omni Channel Digital Marketing
- Big Data Marketing
- Marketing Analytics
- AI Marketing
- Automated Marketing
- 디지털 마케팅 전략
- 소셜 미디어 마케팅 전략
- 옴니채널 디지털 마케팅 전략
- 고객과 시장에 대한 빅데이터를 활용한 마케팅 분석
- 인공지능을 활용한 마케팅 자동화

Research Publications

Molan Kim, Seung Min Lee, Sanghak Choi, and Sang Yong Kim (2021), “Impact of Visual Information on Online Consumer Review Behavior: Evidence from a Hotel Booking Website,” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 60, 102494.
Scott A. Thompson, Molan Kim, James Loveland, Russell Lacey, and Iana Castro (2017), “Consumer Communities Do Well, But Will They Do Good? A Study of Participation in Distributed Computing Projects” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 37, 32–43.
Scott A. Thompson, Molan Kim, and Keith Smith (2016), “Community Participation and Consumer to Consumer Helping: Does Participation in Third-Party Hosted Communities Reduce the Likelihood to Help?”Journal of Marketing Research, 53(2), 280-295.
Molan Kim, Jeong Eun Park, Alan J. Dubinsky and Seoil Chaiy (2012), “Frequency of CRM Implementation Activities: A Customer-Centric View,” Journal of Services Marketing, 26(2), 83–93.