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We study subwavelength confinement of electromagnetic wave and their nonlinearity in nanometer and angstrom-scale antennas. By using a new patterning technology based on atomic layer deposition, chemical vapor deposition and simple adhesive tape-based planarization creates vertically oriented gaps in opaque metal film along the entire contour of a millimeter-sized pattern with gap widths less than a nanometer. Squeezing terahertz electromagnetic waves through these nanometer and angstrom-scale gaps leads to giant field enhancements, nonlocal electromagnetic effects and light-induced electron tunneling.

See : Physical Review Letters 115 125501 (2015) *Cover Article
Nature Communications 4, 2361 (2013) *Featured Article

We are interested in understanding extreme-subwavelength optical phenomena, in the λ/10,000 range. A good example is λ=300 μm, 1 THz wave that passes through 50 nm metallic slit, a terahertz nano-scale phenomenon. Through collaborative experimental and theoretical research program, we want to explore the heretofore virgin territory of optics in λ/10,000 regime and optics in Thomas-Fermi length scale of 0.1 nm.
See also : News and Views on Nature Photonics 3, 152 (2009)

We also pursue a deeper understanding on optics by observing electric and magnetic phenomena separately. Nontrivial magnetic-electric relationships are becoming increasingly important, while there are few suitable methods for direct measurements of the each optical field. Our research on vectorial mapping of electric/magnetic field will greatly benefit the field of nanophotonics, such as in optical metamaterial development.

See also : Optics Express, 21, 5625 (2013) & Spotlight on Optics, Nature Communications, 2, 451 (2011)


Angstrom lithography, ultrafast phenomena, terahertz nanotechnology, quantum plasmonics, Optical magnetism, nanomanipulation of quantum materials


Research Keywords and Topics

1. Nanogap Fabrication
2. Angstrom-scale Electromagnetism
3. VO2 Phase Transition Control
4. Optical Field Mapping

Research Publications

1. NATURE PHOTONICS. Vector field microscopic imaging of light. K. G. LEE, H. W. KIHM, J. E. KIHM, W. J. CHOI, H. KIM, C. ROPERS, D. J. PARK, Y. C. YOON, S. B. CHOI, D. H. WOO, J. KIM, B. LEE, Q. H. PARK, C. LIENAU, AND D. S. KIM (2007)
2. NATURE PHOTONICS. Terahertz field enhancement by a metallic nano slit operating beyond the skin-depth limit.M. A. Seo, H. R. Park, S. M. Koo, D. J. Park, J. H. Kang, O. K. Suwal, S. S. Choi, P. C. M. Planken, G. S. Park, N. K. Park, Q. H. Park and D. S. Kim (2009)
3. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. Terahertz rectification in ring-shaped quantum barriers. Taehee Kang, R.H. Joon-Yeon Kim, Geunchang Choi, Jaiu Lee, Hyunwoo Park, Hyeongtag Jeon, Cheol-Hwan Park & Dai-Sik Kim (2018)


1. 나노트렌치스위치. 바마데브 다스, 김대식 (외 6명). 2020년 특허출원 중
2. 제로갭트렌치. 김대식, 김성환, 바마데브 다스. 2020년 특허출원 중


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