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응용거시경제 연구실

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응용거시경제 연구실

응용거시경제 연구실은 다음과 같은 특별한 관심을 가지고 응용 거시 경제학을 연구하고 있습니다.
* 개방형 거시 경제학
* 경제 성장
* 주택 시장

I study applied macroeconomics, with special interests in:
* open macroeconomics
* economic growth
* housing markets


applied macroeconomics, open macroeconomics, economic growth, housing markets


income distribution, human capital

Research Keywords and Topics

international capital flows, economic growth, human capital

Research Publications

“Regime Switching in the Present Value Models: A Backward-solving Method.” Finance Research Letters, vol. 32, 2020 (with Jan. R. Kim).
“Inefficient Competition in Shadow-Education Investment.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organizations, vol. 139, 2017 (with Dongryul Lee).
“Foreign Debt Supply in an Imperfect International Capital Market: Theory and Evidence.” Journal of International Money and Finance, vol.29, 2010 (with Stephen J. Turnovsky).


  • SC. 경제/경영
  • SC02. 거시경제
  • SC0201. 경제성장