Applied and Environmental Microbiology Lab


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The Applied Microbiology Lab is affiliated with the School of Biological Sciences at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST) in the Republic of Korea. We focus on a wide range of microbiology fields, but primarily focus on the application of predatory bacteria against multidrug-resistant human pathogens. Work along these lines has recently expanded to consider the human gut and microgravity conditions and the possibility of using predatory strains as a deterrent and alternative to antibiotics in both our gut and outer space.

Major research field

Applications of microbes to control and mitigate harmful bacteria in various environments, including the human gut and in space

Desired field of research

The application of predatory bacteria as "Living Antibiotics" to combat the spread of multidrug resistant pathogens in different environments

Research Publications

Biosensors for healthcare: Current and future perspectives. Trends Biotechnol
The “cins” of our fathers: rejuvenated interest in colicins to combat drug resistance. J Microbiol
Pairing Colicins B and E5 with Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus To Eradicate Carbapenem-and Colistin-Resistant Strains of Escherichia coli. Microbiol Spectr
Predatory bacteria as potential biofilm control and eradication agents in the food industry. Food Sci Biotechnol

Predation of colistin-and carbapenem-resistant bacterial pathogenic populations and their antibiotic resistance genes in simulated microgravity. Microbiol Res
The Kiss of Death: Serratia marcescens Antibacterial Activities against Staphylococcus aureus Requires Both de novo Prodigiosin Synthesis and Direct Contact. Microbiol Spectr
Alkali Extraction to Detoxify Rice Husk-Derived Silica and Increase Its Biocompatibility. ACS Sust Chem Eng
Outer Membrane Porin F in E. coli Is Critical for Effective Predation by Bdellovibrio. Microbiol Spectr


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