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Quantum simulation with ultracold atoms

Ultracold quantum gases provide ideal platforms to simulate and study intractable problems that are difficult to handle in other systems. One of the main branches of the quantum gas field is the study of condensed matter physics, such as emergent quantum many-body phenomena, using the interactions of atoms and light. The recent advancement of arbitrarily controlling optical potentials on quantum gases heralds a new era of atomic quantum simulators. Our laboratory addresses intriguing open questions on superfluid physics.

Major research field

Strongly correlated Fermi superfluids, Quantum vortex matter, Quantum transport

Desired field of research

Quantum computation, Dipolar quantum gas

Research Publications

1. W. J. Kwon, G. Del Pace, K. Xhani, L. Galantucci, A. Muzi Falconi, M. Inguscio, F. Scazza, and G. Roati, “Sound emission and annihilations in a programmable quantum vortex collider,” Nature 600, 64 (2021).
2. W. J. Kwon, G. Del Pace, R. Panza, M. Inguscio, W. Zwerger, M Zaccanti, F. Scazza, and G. Roati, “Strongly correlated superfluid order parameters from dc Josephson supercurrents,” Science 369, 84 (2020).
3. W. J. Kwon, J. H. Kim, S. W. Seo, and Y. Shin, “Observation of von Kármán Vortex Street in an Atomic Superfluid Gas,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 245301 (2016).


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