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Topological electronics is a new field of interest utilizing the topologically distinctive state of matters. For topological electronics, where the information is carried by the topological charge through the topological domain boundary, at least two distinctive topological phases should be accessible and controllable in one system. By using the relativistic ab-initio first-principles calculation, we are trying to find a candidate platform to host versatile topological phases and control the topological domain boundary through which the topological charges flow.


spin-orbit entangled state in transition metal systems, topologically non-trivial phase, pole structure of Berry curvature


anomalous response function in low dimensions, quantum metric tensor

Research Keywords and Topics

응집 물리계의 전자 구조
범밀도함수 이론
위상학적 양자 물질
저차원 베리 곡률
스핀-궤도 얽힘

Research Publications

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., Switchable S=1/2 and J=1/2 Rashba bands in ferroelectric halide perovskites, M Kim / J Im / A J Freeman / J Ihm / H Jin (2014/05)

Nat. Commun., Spin-orbital entangled molecular jeff states in lacunar spinel compounds, H Kim / J Im / M J Han / H Jin (2014/06)

Nat. Commun., Prediction of ferroelectricity-driven Berry curvature enabling charge- and spin-controllable photocurrent in tin telluride monolayers, J Kim / K-W Kim / D Shin / S-H Lee / J Sinova / N Park / H Jin (2019/09)

Nano Lett., Magnetic ordering, anomalous Lifshitz transition and topological grain boundaries in two-dimensional biphenylene network, Y-W Son / H Jin / S Kim (2022/03)

Nat. Commun., Defect-gradient-induced Rashba effect in van der Waals PtSe2 layers, J Jo / J H Kim / C H Kim / J Lee / D Choe / I Oh / Z Lee / H Jin / J-W Yoo (2022/05)


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