Functional Intelligent Materials Lab (FIMLab)

기능성 지능형 재료연구실

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기능성 지능형 재료연구실

Dr. Park’s research interests are in the field of advanced composite and nanocomposite technologies for development of functional and intelligent materials and structures, that is, materials that “think” and “respond.”  In particular, his research focus is on the application of high-performance nanoscale materials, especially graphene and carbon nanotubes, to multifunctional composites and structures.  An example would be a “smart” automotive vehicle or aircraft that can self-sense its structural health, protect itself from external disturbances or hazards, and ultimately self-adjust or take necessary measures with minimal human intervention. More recently, Dr. Park has expanded his scope of research into novel technologies for rapid, affordable manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composites, particularly targeted for automotive industry. Currently, Dr. Park is serving as the director of the UNIST Composites Research Center in collaboration with Fraunhofer ICT.

Major research field

Composite Materials Nanocomposites Smart Materials and Structures Innovative Automotive Composites

Desired field of research

Lightweight Composites for Green/Smart Mobility, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and AI-based Prognostics and Health Management (AI-PHM)

Research Keywords and Topics

Piezoresistive composite based strain/tactile sensing and structural health monitoring
Self-sensing carbon fiber composites for prognostics and health management (machine learning)
Multiscale hybrid composites containing carbon nanomaterials (graphene, CNT) and fiber reinforcement
Design and rapid manufacturing of fiber-reinforced and hybrid composites for automotive and aerospace
CFRP-based triboelectric generation (energy harvesting)

Research Publications

1. I. Y. Lee, H. D. Roh, S. Y. Oh, Y.-B. Park, “Advanced condition-based self-monitoring of composites damaged area under multiple impacts using Monte Carlo based prognostics,” Polymer Testing, 123, 108024, 2023.
2. I. Y. Lee, C. Joung, S. Y. Oh, Y.-B. Park, “Real-time in-depth damage identification and health index system for carbon fiber-reinforced composites using electromechanical behavior and data processing tools,” Composites Science and Technology, 236, 109951, 2023.
3. I. Y. Lee, J. Jang, Y.-B. Park, “Advanced structural health monitoring in carbon fiber-reinforced plastic using real-time self-sensing data and convolutional neural network architectures,” Materials & Design, 224, 111348, 2022.
4. G.-H. Kang, C. Joung, H.-G. Kim, S. Im, S.-C. Kang, W. Ji, Y.-B. Park, “Manufacturing, thermoforming, and recycling of glass fiber/PET/PET foam sandwich composites: DOE analysis of recycled materials”, Polymer Composites, 43(10), pp. 8807-8817, 2022.


1. 10-2145246, Composite PHM with piezoresistivity (전기저항 변화율을 바탕으로 한 복합재 고장예지 및 관리 기술)
2. 10-1554264, Method for manufacturing the carbon fiber composite and the carbon fiber composite (탄소섬유복합재의 제조방법 및 탄소섬유복합재)


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