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OND Lab is a design research laboratory exploring “Digital / Innovation / Service / Strategy”, part of UNIST. OND aims to carry out meaningful digital innovation through design methods and creative process, values to propose a strategic solution in a holistic service point of view and approach. OND is continuously asking and challenging current definition of design, trying to broaden and expand roles of design. SSID Design Lab is exploring how to contribute to an alternative way of living, adding different angles and layers and creating positive waves to techno-rapid-mobile world and life.

Major research field

UX/UI 리서치 & 디자인, 디지털 서비스/제품 디자인, 디자인 전략, 헬스케어 서비스 & 사용자 경험 디자인, 행동하는 디자인, 시스템 디자인, 혁신 경영, 디자인 문화 구축, 서비스 개인화, 행동 분석 & 행동 변화, 콘텐츠 전략

Desired field of research

UX/UI 리서치 & 디자인, 디지털 서비스/제품 디자인, 디자인 전략, 헬스케어 서비스 & 사용자 경험 디자인, 행동하는 디자인, 시스템 디자인, 혁신 경영, 디자인 문화 구축, 서비스 개인화, 행동 분석 & 행동 변화, 콘텐츠 전략

Research Keywords and Topics

• UX/UI academic/practical research & design UX
• Digital service/product design
• Design strategy
• Healthcare service & UX design
• Systematic design
• Innovation management
• Design culture building
• Service personalization
• Behaviour analytics & change
• Contents strategy

Research Publications

• M.Tufail, H.Lee, YG.Moon, H.Kim, KM.Kim, Interdisciplinary Co-Design Research Practice in the Rehabilitation of Elderly Individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain from a Senior Care Center in S.Korea, Applied Science(SCIE)
• M.Tufail, J.Park, H.Kim, S.Kim, How do visitors perceive the significance of tangible cultural heritage through a 3D reconstructed immersive visual experience at the Seokguram Grotto, S.Korea, Journal of Heritage Tourism(SCOPUS)
• M.Tufail, H.Lee, Y.Moon, H.Kim, KM.Kim, The Effect of Lumbar Erector Spinae Muscle Endurance Exercise on Perceived Low-back Pain in Older Adults, Physical Activity Review(SCOPUS)
• M.Tufail, H.Lee, Y.Moon, H.Kim, KM.Kim, Effects of standing exercise tasks with a sloped surface intervention on trunk muscle activation and low-back pain intensity in women aged >70 years., International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics(SCOPUS)


• Patents - 14 patents are applied and 3 patents are registered
• Design rights - 45 design rights are applied and 27 design rights are registered
• Trademarks - 1 trademark is registered


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