Numerical Analysis Lab

수치해석 연구랩

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편미분 방정식 해 계산을 위한 수치 방법 연구 및 해석
유체 경계층 해석 및 계산 방법 연구
산업에 적용 가능한 해석학의 응용


경계층, 수치 방법, 수치 해석, 산업 수학


Research Keywords and Topics

• Numerical analysis and methods; Scientific computing
• Partial differential equations: Fluid dynamics, Geophysics, Euler-Poisson systems
• Singular perturbations and boundary layer analysis
• Stochastic systems and uncertainty quantification

Research Publications

JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS / Quasi-neutral limit for Euler-Poisson system in the presence of boundary layers in an annular domain / Jung, Chang-Yeol; Kwon, Bongsuk; Suzuki, Masahiro / 2020-11
JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS / Synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators with time-delayed interactions and phase lag effect / Hsia, Chun-Hsiung; Jung, Chang-Yeol; Kwon, Bongsuk; Ueda, Yoshihiro / 2020-06
MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION / Validation of a 2D cell-centered Finite Volume method for elliptic equations / Gie, Gung-Min; Jung, Chang-Yeol; Nguyen, Thien Binh / 2019-11


  • NA. 수학
  • NA05. 응용수학
  • NA0502. 수치해석