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편미분 방정식 해 계산을 위한 수치 방법 연구 및 해석
유체 경계층 해석 및 계산 방법 연구
산업에 적용 가능한 해석학의 응용
My research works are concerned with the mathematical analysis, numerical analysis and computational methods for the solutions of linear and nonlinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations focused on Fluid mechanics, Geophysics and Plasma physics. The equations include e.g. Navier-Stokes and Euler equations and their linearized ones, primitive equations and Euler-Poisson equations. I am also working on computation of the solutions for the equations with uncertainties.

Major research field

경계층, 수치 방법, 수치 해석, 산업 수학

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

• Numerical analysis and methods; Scientific computing
• Partial differential equations: Fluid dynamics, Geophysics, Euler-Poisson systems
• Singular perturbations and boundary layer analysis
• Stochastic systems and uncertainty quantification

Research Publications

JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS / Quasi-neutral limit for Euler-Poisson system in the presence of boundary layers in an annular domain / Jung, Chang-Yeol; Kwon, Bongsuk; Suzuki, Masahiro / 2020-11
JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS / Synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators with time-delayed interactions and phase lag effect / Hsia, Chun-Hsiung; Jung, Chang-Yeol; Kwon, Bongsuk; Ueda, Yoshihiro / 2020-06
MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION / Validation of a 2D cell-centered Finite Volume method for elliptic equations / Gie, Gung-Min; Jung, Chang-Yeol; Nguyen, Thien Binh / 2019-11


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  • NA05. 응용수학
  • NA0502. 수치해석