Air Quality Impact Assessment Research Lab.


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Prof. Song’s Lab. makes a comprehensive understanding for various air pollution and climate change issues and contribute to develop the solutions to handle real world problems. Basic to advanced scientific and engineering approaches are performed to improve the knowledge about the cause of air pollution and climate change and add scientific understanding of complicated earth system. Multi-disciplinary researches are conducted together with many professionals in atmospheric physics/chemistry/engineering, epidemiology, and socio-economic sciences to derive integrated analyses and total solutions to real world problems.

송창근 교수 연구실에서는 다양한 대기오염 및 기후변화 문제에 대해 종합적인 이해를 통해 지구환경의 문제를 해결할 수 있는 해결책을 개발하는 데 기여하고 있습니다. 복잡한 지구시스템에 대한 과학적인 이해를 더하기 위해 기초 이론부터 진보된 과학, 공학, 사회-경제학 접근이 활용됩니다.


대기 질 및 대기 화학, 대기 환경 위성 및 원격 감지, 대기 오염의 식별 및 영향 평가


Research Keywords and Topics

Urban Air Quality
- Turbulence and diffusion, CFD modeling with Chemistry, Local circulation
Regional/National Air Quality
- Atmospheric chemistry, Long-range transport
- Air pollution modeling
- Remote Sensing, Environmental satellite
- Comprehensive policy relevant science for air quality
Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality
- Carbon neutrality with the policy relevance
- Future climate projection
- Co-benefit, SLCPs(Short-lived Climate Pollutants)

Research Publications

REMOTE SENSING / An Observing System Simulation Experiment Framework for Air Quality Forecasts in Northeast Asia: A Case Study Utilizing Virtual Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer and Surface Monitored Aerosol Data / 2022-01
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES / Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat and Building Height on Urban Precipitation Over the Seoul Metropolitan area in Regional Climate Modeling / 2021-12
SCIENTIFIC REPORT / Effects of emission trading schemes on corporate carbon productivity and implications for firm-level responses / 2021-06
ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH / Changes in air pollutant emissions from road vehicles due to autonomous driving technology: A conceptual modeling approach / 2020-06
ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT / Impact of local vs. trans-boundary emissions from different sectors on PM2.5 exposure in South Korea during the KORUS-AQ campaign / 2019-04
ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES / Characteristics of vertical velocities estimated from d


[국내] 낙하산 / 정지범, 김태형, 조우진, 강태훈, 김병민, 황지원, 신석우, 송창근, 백나연 / 2020-03 / 10-2020-0037037
[국내] 사이드미러에 포함된 적외선 센서를 이용하는 블랙아이스 감지 방법 및 장치 / 정지범, 김병민, 송창근, 이승준, 심재웅, 문은비, 지유민, 권재홍 / 2020-03 / 10-2020-0027849


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