Lab. of Diabetes and Metabolism

당뇨 및 대사질환 연구실

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당뇨 및 대사질환 연구실

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular pathways that link adipose tissue biology to this staggering array of pathologies such as diabetes and metabolic diseases. These studies can be the scientific basis for developing novel anti-diabetic agents. Followings are our main research topics:
1. Molecular mechanism of regulating systemic glucose and lipid metabolism
2. Regulation of cancer development
3. Development of novel therapeutics for metabolic diseases

Major research field

Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases, Inflammation, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Desired field of research

Metabolic Diseases, Aging, Cancer metabolism, DNA damage repair

Research Keywords and Topics

- Understanding of molecular mechanisms of regulating glucose/lipid metabolism & development of novel therapeutics for metabolic diseases
- Development of novel anti-obesity drugs via browning of white adipocytes
- Understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer progression & development of novel anti-cancer drugs

Research Publications

1. Nature ; Choi, J. H., et. al. (2010) Anti-diabetic drugs inhibit obesity-linked phosphorylation of PPARg by cdk5. 466.
2. Nature ; Choi, J. H., et. al. (2011) Potent Anti-Diabetic Actions of a Non-Agonist PPARg Ligand that Blocks Cdk5-Mediated Phosphorylation. Nature 477.
3. J. Biol. Chem.; Choi, S. S. (2014) A novel non-agonist PPARg ligand UHC1 blocks PPARγ phosphorylation by CDK5 and improves insulin sensitivity. 289.
4. Genes and Development ; Choi, J. H., et al. (2014) Thrap3 docks on phosphoserine 273 of PPARg and controls diabetic gene programming. 28.
5. Diabetes ; Choi, S. et al., (2016) PPARg antagonist Gleevec improves insulin sensitivity and promotes the browning of white adipose tissue. 65.
6. Nucleic Acids Research; Ju et al., (2021) NSMF promotes the replication stress-induced DNA damage response for genome maintenance. 49.
7. eLife; Lee Y.H. et al., (2022) Hepatic MIR20B promotes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by suppressing PPARA. 11:e70472.


1. Choi, J. H., Compositions, Kits, and Methods for Identification, Assessment, Prevention, and Therapy of Metabolic Disorders. PCT/US2011/021855
2. Choi, J. H. Novel use of gleevec for treatment of diabetes mellitus and metabolic disease by specifically inhibiting phosphorylation at Ser273 of PPARg as PPARg agonist. 10-2014-0037199
3. Choi, J. H. & Choi, S. Composition for degrading PPAR gamma comprising TRIM25 an active ingredient. 10-2072075


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