Electromechanical System and control Lab (ESCL)

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전자기 시스템 및 제어 실험실

ESCL has been established to develop concepts, fundamental theories, and methodologies for integration of electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering with advanced electronics and control system. Currently, we are working on the areas of Magnetism for developing electromagnetic actuators and sensors; magnetic induction tomography, design and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV).

Major research field

Mechatronics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Personal Aerial Vehicle, Spherical multi-DOF actuator, Motor, Sensor, Control

Desired field of research

Smart actuators and sensor for various control applications of future demand

Research Keywords and Topics

Electromechanical system and magnetism
Magnetic field of distributed multi-pole model for permanent magnet-based actuators
Intelligent multi-degree of freedom actuator systems with embedded sensors and control based on multi-physics
Magnetic induction imaging for biomedical sensor
MR actuator for smart vibration control
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) formation control
Hybrid Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (HUAV)
Personal Aerial Vehicle

Research Publications

1. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY / Antisway Control of a Multirotor With Cable-Suspended Payload / S. Lee and H. Son* / 2020-11
2. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS / Robust Tracking Control of Spherical Motion Platform for Virtual Reality / Lee, Seong-min; Xia, Kewei; Son, Hungsun / 2021-01
3. IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS / Fault-tolerant Control of Multirotor UAVs by Control Variable Elimination / Chung,Wonmo; Son, Hungsun / 2020-10


1. 손흥선, “무인항공기 운용시스템”, 대한민국, 등록번호 (1018285120000), 2018
2. 손흥선, 김호영, “드론용 아암”, 대한민국, 등록번호 (3010112810000), 2019


  • EA. 기계
  • EA11. 항공시스템
  • EA1106. 항공시스템 관련 S/W


  • 기반주력산업 가치창출
  • 040100. 차세대 자동차 (지능형/하이브리드/연료전지 자동차) 기술


  • 고효율화기술
  • 수송효율성 향상
  • 332. 지능형교통, 물류기술


  • ST 분야
  • 항공기기술
  • 040312. 지능형 자율비행 무인비행기기 시스템(UAV)기술