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We analyze a large number of cancer genomes using multiple omics approaches to characterize various kinds of germline/somatic alterations in many different human cancer types. In order to understand somatic mosaicism, heterogeneity, and evolution in cancer, we also use single-cell genomics approaches.

Major research field

Cancer genomics, single-cell omics, Structural bioinformatics, Machine learning, Precision medicine

Desired field of research

Rare disease genomics, Immunogenomics

Research Keywords and Topics

암유전체학, 단일세포오믹스, 구조생명정보학, 기계학습, 정밀의학
Cancer genomics, single-cell omics, structural bioinformatics, machine learning, precision medicine

Research Publications

· Sci. Adv., Korean Genome Project: 1,094 Korean personal genomes with clinical information, Jeon S, Bhak Y, Choi Y, et al. (2020.05)
· Acta Neuropathologica, Genomic analysis reveals secondary glioblastoma after radiotherapy in a subset of recurrent medulloblastomas, Ji Hoon Phi, Ae Kyung Park, Semin Lee, et al., (2018.06)
· Science, Mosaic Mutations Trace Developmental and Transcriptional Histories of Single Human Neurons, Lodato MA, Woodworth MB, Lee S, Evrony GD, Mehta BK, Karger A, Lee S, Chittenden TW, Cai X, Luquette LJ, Lee E, Park PJ, Walsh CA., (2015.10)


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