Organometallic Catalysis Lab

유기금속 촉매 화학 연구실

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유기금속 촉매 화학 연구실

Our laboratory is dedicated to tackling challenges in catalysis with inorganic and organometallic approaches. Achieving sustainability in the chemical industry is of significant importance in addressing global climate change and energy crisis. To address these issues, we focus on developing novel catalysts and reactions that enable the conversion of CO2 and renewable feedstocks using earth-abundant metals. Our approaches are based on a fundamental understanding of catalysts and their mechanisms, while employing modern concepts and techniques of coordination chemistry. Through these efforts, our ultimate goal is to make contributions to carbon neutrality and sustainability in the chemical industry.

Major research field

Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Homogeneous Catalysis

Desired field of research

CO2 utilization, Biomass Conversion, Energy conversion

Research Keywords and Topics

Organometallic Catalysis Lab is dedicated to developing greener and sustainable catalysis with inorganic and organometallic principles. Our approaches are based on employing modern concepts of coordination chemistry such as metal-ligand cooperation, second coordination sphere interaction and metal-metal bonding.
· Homogeneous catalysis employing modern concepts of coordination chemistry
· Development of novel multi-metallic systems for catalysis
· Carboxylation of organic molecules using CO2
· Transformation of bioolefins into value-added chemicals

Research Publications

· J. Park, A. H. Valekar, K.-R. Oh, A. Awad, I.-H. Song, C. Yoo,* J. An,* Y.-K. Hwang* “Merging Biomass and CO2 Utilization; Process Design and Assessment on Simultaneous Production of Lactic Acid and Formic Acid from Glycerol and CO2” Chem. Eng. J. 463, 14210, 2023
· C. Yoo, A. J. M. Miller* “Stepwise iodide-free methanol carbonylation via methyl acetate activation by pincer iridium complexes” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 143, 12633, 2021
· C. Yoo, Y. Lee* “A T-shaped Ni(I) Metalloradical Species” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56, 9502, 2017


· Catalytic methods for carbonylation of esters, PCT WO2023049476A1, 2023
· Pincer-type ligand comprising acridane structure and metal complexes using the same. US Patent US10974237B2, 2019
· Methyl formate continuous manufacturing process. Korean Patent 10-2489732, 2023
· Ethylene oligomerization catalyst including ligand compound, catalyst composition employing same, and method for preparing ethylene oligomer using same, Korean Patent Application 10-2022-0082023


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