Laboratory for Strong Correlation in Quantum Materials

강상관 양자물질 연구실

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Strong Correlation in Quantum Materials

My research is focused on finding and understanding exotic phenomena in the quantum materials. Especially, we study strongly correlated electron systems, where the entanglement of charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom gives rise to a variety of emergent phenomena, for example, Mott insulators, various charge, spin and orbital orderings, metal–insulator transitions, multiferroics, superconductivity and so on.


Multiferroics, Novel Quantum Magnet, Ferroelectric, High Quality Single Crystal Growth, Superconductor


New Materials for High Performance Quantum/Memory Device

Research Keywords and Topics

· Multiferroics & Quantum Magnet: Magnetoelectric Coupling, Spin Transport, Spin Hall Effect
(다강체 & 양자자성체: 자기전기성 상호작용, 스핀 수송, 스핀 홀 효과)
· Ferroelectrics (강유전체)
· Cryogenic Experiment under Extreme Environment: High Magnetic Field, High Pressure
(극한환경 극저온물리실험: 고자기장, 고압력)
· Single Crystal Growth: Transition Metal Oxides, Intermetallic Compounds
(단결정 성장: 전이금속 산화물, 금속간화합물)

Research Publications

· Advanced Materials "Reversibly controlled ternary polar states and ferroelectric bias promoted by boosting square‐tensile‐strain" (2022).
· Physical Review B "Unconventional critical behavior in the quasi-one-dimensional S = 1 chain NiTe2O5" (2019).
· Nature Materials "Experimental demonstration of hybrid improper ferroelectricity and the presence of abundant charged walls in (Ca,Sr)3Ti2O7 crystals" (2015)
· Nature Communications "Non-hysteretic colossal magnetoelectricity in a collinear antiferromagnet" (2014).


· 국내특허: “바륨지르코늄 산화물을 이용한 단결정 잉곳 및 그 제조 방법”, 등록번호: 10-2092358
· PCT: “Single Crystal Ingot Using Barium Zirconium Oxide and Preparation Method Therefor”, 출원번호: PCT/KR2019/006502
· US Patent: “Single Crystal Ingot Using Barium Zirconium Oxide and Preparation Method Therefor”, 출원번호: 16/979369


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