Ergonomics Lab

인간공학 연구실

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인간공학 연구실

Research at Ergonomics Lab aims at: 1) understanding human physical and physiological capacity and limitations; 2) identifying the mechanism of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders; and 3) designing people-friendly products and environments through science and engineering.

Major research field

biomechanics, industrial ergonomics, ergonomic product design

Desired field of research

rehabilitation engineering

Research Keywords and Topics

- biomechanics, rehabilitation, ergonomics

Research Publications

Yoon, W., Choi, S., Han, H., and Shin, G.* (2020) “Neck muscular load when using a smartphone while sitting, standing and walking”, Human Factors
Bak, H., D’Souza, C., and Shin, G.* (2019) “Upper extremity muscular load during carpet vacuuming with household upright cleaners”, Applied Ergonomics 79: 38-44
Lee, S., Kang, H., and Shin, G.* (2015) “Head flexion angle while using a smartphone”, Ergonomics 58(2): 220-226.


  • OB. 인지/감성과학
  • OB02. 감성과학
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  • 건강한 생명사회 지향
  • 021100. 생체신호처리기술


  • 녹색기술관련 과제 아님


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