Biomolecular Mass Spectrometery Resource


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BMSR is a resource of MS technologies for biomolecule analysis in UCRF. Recently Mass spectrometry-based proteomics has become an invaluable tool in modern biological research. BMSR use state of art, high resolution mass spectrometry in combination with liquid chromatography (LC-MS/MS) to analyze complex biological samples in depth. We are focused on protein identification, quantitative proteomics and analysis of PTM(post translational modification) using multiple fragmentation techniques such as CID, ETD, and HCD. We also collaborate with research groups covering a wide variety of topics all with the aim to elucidate mechanisms underlying biological processes in health and disease.

Major research field

Proteomics, Peptidomics, Metabolomics

Desired field of research

Discovery of novel bioactive peptides, Discovery of novel drug-binding proteins by shotgun purification, Discovery of disease-related biomarkers.

Research Keywords and Topics

Research Keywords
- Proteomics, Peptidomics, Metabolomics

Research Topics
- Discovery of novel bioactive peptides
- Discovery of novel drug-binding proteins by shotgun purification
- Discovery of disease-related biomarkers

Research Publications

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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Architecture Mapping of the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Proteome by Chemical Tools in Live Cells., Lee, S. Y., Kang, M. G., Shin, S., Kwak, C., Kwon, T., Seo, J. K. *, Kim, J. S. *, Rhee, H. W. * (2017)
ACS Central Science, Proximity-Directed Labeling Reveals a New Rapamycin-Induced Heterodimer of FKBP25 and FRB in Live Cells., Lee, S. Y., Lee, H., Lee, H. K., Lee, S. W., Ha, S. C., Kwon, T., Seo, J. K.*, Lee, C.*, and Rhee, H. W.* (2016)


[국내] Peptide inhibiting infection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and the use thereof., Lee, M.K., Seo, J.K., Kim, K.L., Kim, H.K., Cho, J.H. (2004)
[국내] Intracellular calcium ion increasing peptide in human T cells., Bae, Y.S., Seo, J.K., Ryu, S.H., and Suh, P.G. (2001)


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