Morphogenesis lab


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저희 연구실에서는 Xenopus laevis와 마우스 동물모델을 사용하여 발생과정에서 조직의 형태형성을 조절하는 기작을 연구하고 있습니다.
형태형성에 관련된 세포와 분자수준의 기작을 연구하기 위해 다양한 이미징 기술과 분자, 세포생물학적 기법을 이용하고 있습니다.
We study the mechanisms for shape formation during early development using Xenopus Laevis.
Our long term goal is to understand cell biological mechanisms for the morphogenesis in various tissues.
To study the mechanisms, we use several imaging techniques and also general cell and molecular biology techniques.

Major research field

Developmental Biology, Cartilage development, Cilia formation

Desired field of research

Research Keywords and Topics

My lab focuses on studying the molecular and cell biological mechanisms for the morphogenetic processes during early development in vertebrate animals. Morphogenesis (Shape formation) is one of the most intriguing phenomena in living organisms. Every living organisms such as bacteria, algae, plants and animals has their own shapes. In most of cases the shape of individual cells or large tissues are critical for the survival of the organisms. In this sense, it is not surprising that the morphogenetic processes are tightly controlled by complicated signaling and mechanisms. To uncover the molecular and cell biological mechanisms for critical morphogenesis during embryonic development, my lab uses Xenopus laevis and mouse as model systems.
Current research topics include cartilage formation and destruction, developmental and pathological processes of muco-ciliay epithelium.

Research Publications

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Alpha-tocopherol exerts protective function against the mucotoxicity of particulate matter in amphibian and human goblet cells, Yang HS, Sim HJ et al., 2020 년 04 월

JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, Simple Method To Characterize the Ciliary Proteome of Multiciliated Cells, Sim HJ, Yun S et al., 2020 년 01 월

SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, ITGBL1 modulates integrin activity to promote cartilage formation and protect against arthritis.Song EK, Jeon J et al., 2018 년 10 월


연골질환 예방 또는 치료용 약학적 조성물, 송은경, 박태주 2020년 7월 1일
면역화학적 분석에서 표적 특이적 신호증폭을 담당하는 범용성 재조합 2차 항체 유사체, 강세병, 박태주 외 4인, 2017년 8월 2일


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