Micro Tissue Engineering & Nanomedicine

미세조직공학 및 나노의학

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미세조직공학 및 나노의학

Understanding the intricate functions of the human body necessitates replicating multi-cellular interactions and dynamic organ systems. The 'Organ on a chip,' a microfluidic device emulating organ microenvironments, emerges as a transformative solution. It has potential to reshape drug development, replacing animal testing. Our focus centers on constructing 'organ-on-a-chip' models with multiple cell types using patient-derived cells or organoids, mimicking human organs in diverse states. These in vivo-like models enable innovative drug screening, targeted delivery, and real-time observation. Our goal is safe, targeted nanomedicines for distinct microenvironments, catalyzing breakthroughs in the field.

Major research field

Organ-on-a-Chip, Organoid, Microfluidics, Nanotherapeutic, Phage Display

Desired field of research

Personalized Medicine, Stem Cell Engineering

Research Keywords and Topics

Organ-on-a-Chip, Organoid, BioChip, Nanotherapeutic, Phage Display

Research Publications

· ACS Nano, Aptamer nanoconstructs crossing human blood-brain barrier discovered via microphysiological system-based SELEX technology, Choi JW, Seo M, Kim K, Kim AR, Lee H, Kim HS, Park CG, Cho SW, Kang JH, Joo J, Park TE (2023)
· Biomaterials, Human iPS-derived blood-brain barrier model exhibiting enhanced barrier properties empowered by engineered basement membrane, Choi JW, Yoon J, Kim DS, Park TE (2023)
· Acta Biomaterialia, Microphysiological system recapitulating the pathophysiology of adipose tissue in obesity, Yoon H, Seo JK, Park TE (2023)


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