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바이오광학 연구실

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바이오광학 연구실

We are interested in developing new techniques to control the propagation of light through opaque media. The reason things look opaque (white) is because it reflects all wavelengths of light due to multiple scattering. The ultimate goal of our research is to control light so that we can noninvasively peek into thick opaque tissue for diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as for fundamental biological studies. We emphasize on interdisciplinary research that lies between physics, engineering, and biology and will venture into many different interesting paths that pop up along the way.

Major research field

Wavefront Shaping for Deep Tissue Imaging, Computational Imaging, Neurophotonics, In-vivo Superresolution Imaging, Holography, Diagnosis and Treatment

Desired field of research

Cool stuff I can't even imagine

Research Keywords and Topics

· Wavefront Shaping for Deep Tissue Imaging
· Computational Imaging
· Neurophotonics
· In-vivo Superresolution Imaging
· Holography
· Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Using Light

Research Publications

· Optica, “Limiting the incident NA for efficient wavefront shaping through thin anisotropic scattering media", H Jin, B Hwang, S Lee, JH Park (2021.04)
· Optica, “Tunable SIM: observation at varying spatiotemporal resolutions across the FOV.", T Woo, SH Jung, C Ahn, B Hwang, H Kim, JH Kang, JH Park (2020.08)
· Nature Methods, “Large field of view imaging by Multi-Pupil-Adaptive-Optics.” JH Park, L Kong, Y Zhou, M Cui (2017.06
· Nature Photonics, "Subwavelength light focusing using random nanoparticles." , JH Park, C Park, HS Yu, J Park, S Han, J Shin, SH Ko, KT Nam, YH Cho, YK Park (2013.06)


Method and apparatus for manipulating nearfield using light scattering. US patent no: 9279764 B2


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