Internet of Things System Lab.

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The Internet of things(IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles(also referred to as "connectted devices" and "smart devices") buildings, and other items-embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. We are studying special target sensing technology, and wireless Communication Standards for IoT, and Data filtering for compensation.

Major research field

IoT System, Sensing System, Data gathering System, Data Filtering system, Light wave Engineering

Desired field of research

Visible Light Therapy, Pet TV Contents and Platform, Magnetic Wave Communication System.

Research Keywords and Topics

IoT System/Sensing Technology for Special Target, Multi-layer wireless communication.
Futher Display Technology/Color control of wearable, Stretchable Display.
Light wave engineering for human body therapy.
Pet Display.

Research Publications

.HS kim, WS Park, Ji Back, BS Lee, DS Yoo, SJ Park,"Continuous irradiation with a 633-nm light-emitting diode exerts an anti-aging effect on hunan skin cells", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MORECULAR MEDICINE, Vol.35 no.2, pp.383-390, 2012.02
.E Lee, S Kim, HR Park, J Bae, S Lee, HS Kim,"A study on the ergonomic aspects of the proper luminance level of displays", Jounal of Information Display, Vol.13 no.4,pp.159-166, 2012.12
.O Lee, KH An, H Kim, DH Lee, J Han, KS Yang, CH Lee, HS Kim, J Laskar,"Analysis and Design of fully integrated High power parallel circuit Class-E CMOS power amplifier",IEEE Transaction on circuits and systems I- Regular paper, Vol.13 no.4,pp725-734,2010.03


Electronic Device Providing a bioeffect image, 101703748(2017)
Flexible Touch Screen Panel and flexible display device with the same panel, 101401406(2014)


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