Ultrafast 2D IR Spectroscopy Laboratory

초고속이차원적외선분광학 연구실

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초고속이차원적외선분광학 연구실

Our research focuses on developing two-dimensional infrared (2D IR) spectroscopy and its application to understanding the structure and (fast) dynamics of diverse targets ranging from small molecules to material-based macromolecular complexes. Some of our research topics are:
1. Developing advanced data analysis methods to interpret the complicated dynamics of molecular systems in the presence of fast dynamics including chemical exchange, spectral diffusion, and energy transfer
2. Understanding fast protein-solvent (water) interaction mainly mediated by H-bond dynamics
3. Improving the sensitivity of 2D IR spectrometer by designing advanced experimental equipment to obtain high-quality 2D IR spectra for low absorption samples
4. Developing new 2D IR experimental methods suitable for studying solid-phase molecular complexes with rough surfaces, such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and perovskite films, by eliminating spectral contamination by scattered light
5. Making 2D IR spectroscopy to be widely used for general purposes.

Major research field

Development of new experimental method applicable to diverse types of sample, equilibrium and non-equilibrium 2D IR spectroscopy, H-bond dynamics

Desired field of research

Structural and dynamics of Display materials an the electronic ground and excited states

Research Keywords and Topics

1. structure and dynamics of M2 proton channel of Influenza A virus
2. study of the Interaction between Hofmeister series metal ions and peptides
3. structure and dynamics of MOF frame and molecules captured in MOFs
4. Structural and dynamics of Display materials an the electronic ground and excited states.

Research Publications

1. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, “Scattering Elimination of Heterodyne-Detected 2D IR Spectra Using Choppers and Shutters”, J. G. Seol†, H. Kwon†, G. Y. Jin, J. Moon, C. Yi, and Y. S. Kim*, 123, 10837-10843 (2019).
2. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, “Interconverting Hydrogen-Bonding and Weak n → π* Interactions in Aqueous Solution: A Direct Spectroscopic Evidence,” P. Deb†, G. Y. Jin†, S. K. Singh, J. Moon, H. Kwon, A. Das*, S. Bagchi*, and Y. S. Kim*, 9, 5425-5429 (2018).
3. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, “Phase-Resolved Heterodyne-Detected Transient Grating Enhances the Capabilities of 2D IR Echo Spectroscopy”, G. Y. Jin and Y. S. Kim*, 121, 1007-1011 (2017).


“헤테로다인 방식의 이차원 적외선 분광장치 및 이를 이용한 분광방법”, 김영삼, 진근영, 설진규, 권혜진, 문주란, 이채령, 10-2158203, (2020)


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