Translational Multiscale Biofluidics

멀티스케일 응용생체유체연구실

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Translational Multiscale Biofluidics Laboratory is actively studying problems involving multiscale biological fluids that are related to disease models and developing biomedical devices translated into commercial products and new “theranostic” strategies. We aim to develop biomedical devices that enable to diagnose diseases in an early stage and new therapeutic strategies for treating diseases effectively. We extensively collaborate with clinical investigators, industrial partners, and start-ups. TMB Lab is a diverse group of members who have a broad range of expertise in engineering, physics, and medical research.

멀티스케일 응용생체유체소자 연구실은 나노에서 밀리미터 스케일의 다양한 바이오유체제어 기술을 통해 질병 조기 진단과 새로운 치료법 개발을 위한 연구를 수행하고 있습니다. 질병 조기 진단 및 감염 원인 물질 제거를 위한 바이오유체소자, 사람의 다양한 장기(organs)를 칩에서 구현하여 신약 스크리닝, 독성 테스트, 체외 질병 모델 개발 등 위해 활용 할 수 있는 장기모사칩 (organ-on-a-chip) 등을 개발하고 있습니다. 미세유체제어기술을 기반으로 생물학, 조직공학, 바이오정보학, 생물물리학, 의학 등의 다양한 분야와 협동 연구를 통해 학생 연구원들의 연구 경험의 폭과 깊이를 더할 수 있는 기회를 제공하고 있고, 병원과의 긴밀한 협력을 통한 중개연구 (translational research)에 집중하고 있습니다.


Microfluidics, lab on a chip, biochip, organ-on-a-chip, diagnostics, therapeutics, magnetic separation, infectious diseases, nanotechnology


microbiome, stem cell engineering, cardiovascular diseases

Research Keywords and Topics

Biomedical devices, Infectious disease, Extracorporeal device for therapeutic applications, Organ-on-a-chip, Regenerative engineering, Cancer-on-a-chip, Metastasis, Microfluidics, Nanobiotechnology, Magnetophoresis, Nanobiosensor, Cell separation, Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Microfabrication Techniques, Mechanobiology, Vascular biology, Angiogenesis

Research Publications

1. Small, Human cell-camouflaged nanomagnetic scavengers restore immune homeostasis in a rodent model with bacteremia, 2022, accepted.
2. Small Methods, Quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) of magnetically confined bacteria enables early detection of human bacteremia, 2022. 6, 2101239.
3. Small, Enhanced diamagnetic repulsion of blood cells enables versatile plasma separation for biomarker analysis in blood, 2021, 2100797
4. Small, Advection flows-enhanced magnetic separation for high-throughput bacteria separation from undiluted whole blood, 2018; 14(34) e1801731.
5. Small, Optimization of Pathogen Capture in Flowing Fluids with Magnetic Nanoparticles, 2015; 11 (42), 5657-5666.
6. Nature Medicine, An extracorporeal blood-cleansing device for sepsis therapy, 2014;20(10):1211-1216.


1. 미세경사구조물을 이용한 자기영동분리방법, 강주헌, 정수현, (2019.10)
2. 질병진단을 위한 전혈 분석용 통합 랩온어칩기술, 강주헌, 권세용, 오지웅 (2020. 05)


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