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S&T Promotion Funds

Mar 12. 2018
person in charge 김민주 Related research area
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Goverment department [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Announcing institute [NRF]한국연구재단

○ Science and Technology Culture Promotion Program

Focused on organizing science festivals, producing science documentaries and operating the Science TV broadcast station to promote science and technology In addition, the program is contributing to fostering the interest of teenagers in science through the establishment of local science museums around the country.

Program Description

Supporting the science and technology culture expansion program, and building science museums and centers, construction and operation of a science museum network, etc

Scientists and Engineers Development Program

Strives to empower scientists and engineers by supporting a range of programs including the Excellent Scientists Awards, WIST, the Science and Technology Prodigy Program, and the Utilization of Scientists and Engineers Program

Program Description

Science and Technology Prodigy Program, National Institute Program for Supporting Women in Science and Technology[WIST], Excellent Scientists Awards Program, Utilization of Scientists and Engineers Program

Science and Technology Investment Program

Contributes to securing future national growth engines by supporting the application and industrialization of research outcomes

Program Description

Daedeok Innopolis Investment Fund: Stimulating the commercialization of cutting-edge research results from Daedeok Innopolis, as well as the foundation of technology-based venture businesses

Science and Technology Private Equity Fund (PEF): Promoting practical applications and commercialization from the results of major national R&D projects across all governmental agencies; based on funds stemming from governmental science and technology bonds