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New Faculty Fund (start-up fund)

Apr 12. 2016
person in charge Su-Jin Han Related research area
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Goverment department UNIST Announcing institute

New Faculty Fund (start-up fund)
1) Eligibility: newly employed faculty member
2) Period: 1 year
* Under irresistible circumstance, the PI may request for expansion of research period (6 months maximum)
3) Scale of Funding
– Engineering Schools (30,000,000KRW)
– Business School (20,000,000KRW)
– Arts&Humanites School (10,000,000KRW)

4) Notes
The fund may be discontinued or redeemed under circumstances such as
1) PI uses research funds on non-research purposes
2) PI cannot finish its research by due date, because of PI’s own faults
3) PI retires without submitting research reports (including research results)
4) PI does not submit research reports (including research results) on designated due date(within one month after the last day of research period)