Research Security


Details of Security for Overseas Business Travelers

Apr 15. 2016

Details of Security for Overseas Business Travelers



– Regulations on Management of National Research and Development Projects

– UNIST Security task regulation article 84(Security education)

Details of Security for Overseas Business Travelers



  • 1. Make a check list before the business trip



– Make sure you do not carry sensitive data or materials.

– Please carry only the minimum data needed for presentation at seminar or meeting.

– Please be well informed of the country you will visit.



  • 2. Please check IT equipment such as notebook and portable storage device thoroughly before the trip.



– Using a specific notebook for business trip use is recommended, rather than carrying the notebook which has been used for the research.

– Be careful of research data leakage/burglary in airports or hotels.

* You should have important data with you at all times.

– For using ‘secure USB storage’ make sure to keep important data encrypted.

– When you send sensitive information, please avoid using computers or fax machines of foreign country.



  • 3. Answer with care to questions related to research outcomes



– Be alert when answering questions related to unpublished research outcomes (or answer with published matters), guard against unintentional research data leak.



  • 4. Be careful and be mindful with interpreters



– You should avoid replying to the interpreter if questions are not related.



  • 5. Be aware of possible surveillance including wiretap



– You must keep in mind that your action can be monitored or wiretapped in overseas; be careful when speaking in regards to sensitive research matters.




  • 6. Reject exorbitant favors and gifts from others



– Do not to take excessive gifts, and be wary during social events.

– When you receive a gift that is over 100,000KRW, please fill out the gift receipt card and submit it to the personnel department(Academic Affairs Team, General Affairs Team)



  • 7. After returning from abroad



– After returning from abroad, please change your password of your IT equipment as soon as possible.

– After returning from abroad, please check your IT equipments for virus or malicious program.