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Academic Research Capacity Enhancement

Mar 12. 2018
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Goverment department [MSIT]과학기술정보통신부/[MOE]교육부 Announcing institute [NRF]한국연구재단

○ Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Basic Research Program

Aimed at producing creative knowledge by supporting academic research activities in humanities and social sciences and to increase the relevance of social science research by supporting research that meets social demands

Funded Fields : Humanities and social sciences

Funded Period : 1 ~ 9 years

Eligibility : Researchers in universities and institutes

Young researchers: Professors appointed less than 5 years

Excellent scholars: Professors with at least 10 years of demonstrating research outcomes

Budget : KRW 7 ~ 200 million

Program Description :

Fostering Next-Generation Academic Researchers: Guaranteeing sustainability of academic researchers and enhancing research ability by providing training opportunities for researchers with doctorate degrees

Young researchers: Promoting top-level creative research ability through the extension of new professors’ opportunity to participate in research

Mid-career researchers: Improving mid-career researchers’ capability

Excellent scholars: Developing research in Korea by supporting, developing and publicizing the research outcomes of world-class researchers

General Joint Research: Constructing the basis for producing creative knowledge through support for joint research

Foundational Research: Laying a groundwork for securing knowledge-production sources and for developing creative research theories

University Research Centers: Strengthening research ability by promoting characterization and specialization of research centers in universities

Interdisciplinary Research: Solving main issues by combining scientific rationality, multidisciplinary imagination and artistic creativity

Masterwork Translation: Contributing to the popularization of humanities by systematically translating and distributing Eastern and Western academic masterworks

Emerging Area Research: Expanding research infrastructure by constructing a system for regional research on emerging economies

Promotion of Humanities Program

Organized to foster world-class institutes of humanities and regional studies and to facilitate the communication between humanities and the public in order to strengthen the studies of humanities and the social role of academics for the emergence of a ‘Cultural Korea’

Funded Fields : Humanities and overseas regional research

Funded Period : 10 years (3+3+4 years, Humanities Korea), 1 year (Popularization of Humanities), 3 years (Literary Work)

Eligibility : Institutes and researchers in the fields of humanities and overseas regional research

Budget : KRW 0.3~1.5 billion (Humanities Korea), KRW 30 million (Popularization of Humanities, Literary Work)

Program Description :

Humanities Korea (HK): Establishing institutes focusing on humanities and regional studies that seek to move beyond the current curriculum and match highly renowned world institutes

Popularization of Humanities: Organizing lectures and publishing weekly magazines on humanities for the general public

Literary Work: Providing long-term support for humanities researchers who create excellent research results

Social Sciences Research Support Program

Strengthens academic abilities in the field of social science through systematic support for world-class social science research groups and next-generation human resources, and supports the development of a healthy society

Funded Fields : Social sciences

Funded Period : Within 10 years (3+3+4 years)

Eligibility : Team of Researchers belonging to domestic universities or academic research institutes

Budget : Within KRW 100 ~ 600 million

Funding Details :

Long-term research in the field of social science relevant to real-life conditions in Korean society

Program Description :

Social Sciences Korea (SSK): Strengthening academic abilities in the field of social science through systematic support for world-class social science research groups and next-generation human resources

Specific Research in the Social Sciences: Facilitating SSK networking, disseminating research outcomes, and developing mid- and long-term agendas

Joint Management System for Academic Resources Program

Designed to strengthen research capacity by establishing a systematic process that manages, shares, and distributes research outcomes

Funded Fields : Humanities, social sciences, the arts, physical education, and research ethics

Funded Period : 1 ~ 2 years

Eligibility : Institutes annexed to universities, and non-profit research organizations

Budget : Total KRW 700 million (Korean Research Memory), KRW 10~40 million per project (Research Ethics)

Funding Details :

Korean Research Memory: Building databases for research in humanities, social sciences, the arts and sports

Research Ethics: Supporting the ethical research activities of universities with active research programs

Academic Organization Support Program

Supports the publication of academic journals in order to encourage academic activities and improve the quality of such publications The NRF also contributes to the development of the nation’s academia by encouraging academic debates and the exchange of research information between scholars

Funded Fields : Humanities, social sciences, the arts, physical education and combined studies

Funded Period : 1 year (Domestic academic journals, Academic conferences) 5 years (3+2 years, International academic journals)

Eligibility : Publishing domestic and international academic journals and holding academic seminars

Budget : Total KRW 700 million (Korean Research Memory), KRW 10~40 million per project (Research Ethics)

Publication of international academic journals: Within KRW 50 million

International academic conference: Within KRW 30 million

World conference: Within KRW 100 million

Program Description :

Publication of international academic journals: Promoting the enhancement of Korea’s academic competitiveness by raising the level of domestic journals which are published in foreign languages to the level of world-class journals

Academic conference: Supporting academic conferences to share research trends and facilitate discussion among researchers in and out of Korea for the development of domestic academies

International Exchange Program for University Researchers

Constructs global research networks through joint research with researchers in overseas top-class universities and vitalization of international exchange in order to secure world-class research competitiveness

[Global Research Network Support]

Funded Fields : All academic fields

Funded Period : Within 3 years

Eligibility : Researchers belonging to universities or research institutes

Budget : Within KRW 100 million per project

[International Exchange for University Researchers]

Funded Fields : All academic fields

Funded Period : 6 months, 1 year

Eligibility : Domestic university professors

Budget : Total KRW 2.8 billion

Global Ph.D. Fellowship Program

Supports students pursuing a Ph.D. degree in a Korean university in order to foster the nation’s core human resources

Funded Fields : Science and technology, humanities, social sciences and convergent fields

Funded Period : 2 years (may extend for an additional 3 years)

Eligibility : Doctoral candidates in a Korean university (including MS/Ph.D. integration programs)

Budget : KRW 2.5 million per month

Experienced Visiting Researcher Program

Aimed at supporting experienced researchers to use their professional knowledge and know-how effectively in local universities and institutes

Funded Fields : All academic fields

Funded Period : 3 years (2 years for special, higher-education institutes in the Greater Seoul area)

Eligibility : High-profile government policy-makers and highly experienced experts from institutes and businesses

Budget : KRW 3 million per month for research expenses (research grants, transportation fees)